Steel Fabrication

Custom Steel Fabrication & Repairs for when you need the job done right fast.

From large structures, to specialist and custom steel fabrication and repairs, Hunter Structural Steel can do it all.

Our experienced team take pride in the finished product, so you can rest assured of the best quality designs, welds and finishes. From concept to build, or working from your designs and drawings, we offer the services as you require them.

An overview of some of our steel fabricated products

Below is a short list of some of the steel products we specialise in. We are happy to talk to you about your specific job.

steel balustrade handrail


Mild steel, stainless steel, painted – we provide custom, standard or decorative steel fabricated products that will work for your application.

steel stairs

Steel Staircases

Ideal for sporting venues, fire stairs, commercial and industrial applications, steel fabricated staircases are cost effective and fast install.



Both building incorporated and free standing, we can design, fabricate and install mezzanines for any application.

steel gates fabrication

Steel Gates

Decorative, residential, industrial and rural steel fabricated gates. A full range of hinges, locks and designs.

rural steel fabrication horse stables


Livestock pens, cattle grates, farm gates, loading ramps. You name it, we can supply steel solutions for your agricultural needs.

steel repairs welding


We offer both factory and on-site welding repair services. General repairs, cracks, fixed and mobile plants, machinery, mining and much more.

steel gantry


What ever your load requirements, span or application.

aluminium aluminum welding


We offer full aluminium fabrication services, both factory and on-site repairs.

decorative steel welding fabrication

Decorative Fabrication

Custom designs for gates and balustrades, we can deliver the unique look you are after.

To learn more about different types of welding, visit our Welding Information Page here.